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We stand firmly on our company's foundation of Integrity, Experience, Commitment,
and Technological Advances to excel in the construction market

Successful contracting has more challenges today than ever; with ever increasing
government and environmental requirements, immigration issues, safety issues and
rising insurance rates, all factors contributing to increasing our cost of doing
business and affecting our bottom lines.  All these issues make it tempting to
abandon our values in order to be successful.  I believe that if we fail here we lose
entirely.  Chain Store Construction Inc. makes every effort to surround ourselves with
professionals that believe and hold steadfast to a strong base of principles and
ethics.  Our goal is to serve our clients with the utmost in professional standards
while producing the product they desire.

We also care about the environment and the impact that we leave on this world for the
generations to come.  It is one of our goals to work with our clients to help reduce
jobsite waste by trying to recycle as many products as possible and by doing so
helping to reduce the impact on our landfills.  We also work stringently on controlling
hazardous chemicals disposal from the jobsite by using proper disposal procedures
to avoid impact on the local environment.

Providing a superior project while adhering to our company's strong foundation and
beliefs is an easy statement to make, but for us, it is our commitment to our clients.  
We welcome the opportunity to exceed your expectations.  

Let Chain Store Construction, Inc.; be the winning factor in your next project.

David Petet
"Our reputation is only as good as
our last project.  Lets make every
project the best we've ever done."

David Petet